SWEFTA League round 9 – South Dorset

Well you can always trust the folks at South Dorset to provide something different… no, not the brand new courses built at their brand new ground… the weather! After a summer of Sahara like conditions across the UK, South Dorset provided a monsoon, it is a great shame that more SWEFTA shooters did not choose […]

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    FT or HFT? Twenty years ago a typical SWEFTA event would have consisted of  the main FT course and a selection of ‘side shoots’ such as long range, bell, snooker, and speed shoot, but invariably the most popular was the dump shoot, this consisted of targets, often unusually shaped ones, partially hidden behind […]

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SWEFTA League Round 8 – East Devon

Scheduled only one week after the SWEFTA Grand Prix at the same venue, I knew we were in for some excellent course building when we visited East Devon at the weekend, and I was right. Also, thank goodness, the weather was just a touch cooler, so the oven that is the middle of the course […]

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SWEFTA League round 7 – Duchy

Well, what more could we have asked for, two challenging courses, excellent weather, great organisation, and a fine selection of cake. Huge thanks to all the guys’n’gals at Duchy for a thoroughly enjoyable day, and all the hard work put in to make it happen. Great to see some new faces and to see people […]

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SWEFTA League Round 5 – West Devon

Weather more different from the last round at Buckley Wood it would be hard to imagine. West Devon was a picture of spring, with sunshine all day and a little cooling breeze which hardly caused any havoc on the FT course at all. Both the FT and HFT courses were up to the usual WD […]

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SWEFTA League Round 4 – Buckley Wood

I guess we should always be grateful for small mercies, Sunday’s mercy being that the 20 MPH wind that was forecast never arrived, although the wind that we did have along with the rain was trouble enough. Still, there was a cracking good turn out, added to by some visitors from Wales for the first […]

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SWEFTA League Round 3 – Mendip

I’m afraid I wasn’t there myself, but the weather was superb as were both the courses, so well done to Tony and his team for all the hard work. Also thanks to Ann Farbrother for helping out with stats, this is part of what SWEFTA is all about. 2018 – Rd 03 – Shoot Scores […]

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SWEFTA Showdown Qualifiers.

This is a rolling update of all those who have qualified for the SWEFTA Showdown competition, to be held at Shebbear on October 14th. Round 1 1. Bill Hartnoll 2. Neil MacKinnon 3. Rob Lamerton 4. James Head Round 2 1. Steve Franklin 2. John Martin 3. Tim Clarke 4. Nigel Palmer Round 3 1. John […]

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SWEFTA League 2 – North Petherwin

Well what an all round spanking good day we had in Cornwall. The weather was challenging, as was the course and the amount of work put in by the guys from North Petherwin and West Devon was evident, well done to all. Thanks also to Roger, helped by Nigel for running stats and the randomised […]

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