SWEFTA Summer League 1 Dartmoor 30.05.21

What a wonderful day down at a sunny Dartmoor Marksmen. With a unusual but pleaseant left hand wind we all knew today would be a gooden. The first shoot of  SWEFTA since the pandemc started and I must say Dartmoor executed this with precision. Today saw the first time we tried a shotgun start! Everyone […]

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Garden Bench Rest – Give it a go!

From March the 29th we are going to be allowed back to our clubs to shoot, albeit with social distancing, sanitiser and other sensible safety measures. This will also be the start of the GBR 2021 Summer League which will begin on the 4th of April, and would be the ideal time for club shooters […]

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Garden Bench Rest Winter League – Round 4

We have had more than our fair share of issues in the departing 2020, wind, lockdowns, tiers, wind, rain, wind and in some places, snow. We have had good turn outs and we have at times had just a handful, but we’ve kept at it, kept shooting, kept rifle and pellet testing, developing skills, getting […]

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Garden Bench Rest Winter League – Round 3

Lockdown 2, new faces, returnees, high speed winds… all in a three round winter league, ohhhh the drama. I missed a round for the very first time since we started this whole GBR malarky, I’m a horse owner and rider and sometimes the horses have to come first, so, I generously allowed Paul Salmon the […]

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Garden Bench Rest Winter League – Round 2

After postponing the start of the league due to horrendous weather forecasts across the region, the second shoot of the round saw horrendous weather across the region….. well, I suppose it is a winter league. Then, just to make life even more interesting we had lockdown 2 arrive at the beginning of November, so although […]

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