SWEFTA Summer League 1 Dartmoor 30.05.21

What a wonderful day down at a sunny Dartmoor Marksmen. With a unusual but pleaseant left hand wind we all knew today would be a gooden. The first shoot of  SWEFTA since the pandemc started and I must say Dartmoor executed this with precision.

Today saw the first time we tried a shotgun start!

Everyone partnered headed out to the course to find a clear lane. Once everyone was located on a lane the shoot commeced. With a Whistle for the HFT and a horn for the FT. I started on lane one and partnered up in a threesom with Russ and Kez. I was the first to shoot in our group. My first miss was target 3, the first long target which I made 50 yards, aiming just off the left hand edge of the kill saw strike 15mm past the kill on the right hand side. I knew from this today was going to be a day where a ‘in the kill shot’ would be brave. As we made our down the course I was feeling really good with the setup and how it was going, next miss was target 10. This target was a miss range, i shot it at about 50 yard however after landing at 12 o clock on the face plate above the kill I soon discovered this was more 47-48 yards. There was only 2 standers and 2 kneelers today, I missed the 2nd standing target 16, rushed and pulled the shot, easy to do and was poor shot placement. Kez did a similar thing as did Simon Evans who was a lane behind us. We pressed on, Russ and Kez, found a few difficult targets as they went down through the course however they both ended up with respectable scores and were both smilling, I missed a further 3, and I finished up with 34 ex 40. A double dink on targets 33 and 34, were a complete surprise, didnt see either miss so maybe witchcraft? Russ finished with 30 in open and Kez 28 in C grade seeing her at the top of the pack in C. Simon Evans was the man on the day with 37 ex 40. Awesime shooting and wonderful to catch up with Simon again.


The HFT in the afternoon seemed more of a struggling, a much more shelted course from the wind, however this is where we really felt the heat. I shot with Jamie Squires, who found the course a challenege but enjoyed it none the less. Also something I look forward to at Dartmoor is their excellent HFT course, it is likely to be my favourite HFT course within SWEFTA. Very clever, technical and very much how HFT should be. I ended up with 71 ex 80 which wasn’t bad however I struggled on the closer targets which i find a trend with anyone using the FT setup with the high scope.


Roz and Ann did all the catering and what a cracking job the ladies mate. Everyone was fed and watered and the cake, the CAKE!! It was to die for. Excellent job ladies, you did an amazing job!


Top job to Dartmoor for a safe, enjoyable and pure class day. Balanced courses and great to catch up with old friends once again.


James Head

Competition Secretary.

FT HFT Combined scores 2021 Dartmoor

SWEFTA Season Scores FT Dartmoor 30.05.21 V2

SWEFTA Season Scores HFT Dartmoor 30.05.21 V2

SWEFTA Season Scores Open FT Dartmoor V2

SWEFTA Shoot Scores Dartmoor 30.05.21 V2

SWEFTA Team Scores Dartmoor 30.05.21

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  1. Mike Willcox June 3, 2021 at 9:38 pm #

    It was a wonderful day and my 1st FT comp, shot Open with Kev Jackman(thank you) who shared some useful tips and guided me through the day, I managed 30 ex 40.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to shooting in the C class next time.

    Thank you to Dartmoor for putting on an excellent day

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