Garden Bench Rest Winter League – Round 2

After postponing the start of the league due to horrendous weather forecasts across the region, the second shoot of the round saw horrendous weather across the region….. well, I suppose it is a winter league. Then, just to make life even more interesting we had lockdown 2 arrive at the beginning of November, so although […]

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SWEFTA Garden Bench Rest – Round 6

Well, the weather has had a dramatic change of heart over the last few weeks, at least it has here in North Somerset and the wind during Round 6 of the GBR has been kinder. Of course the sun always shines and there is never a breath of wind where our BR guru Paul Salmon […]

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SWEFTA Garden Bench Rest – Round 5

Have we shot another three cards already? We most certainly have. Summer weather and a lot of practice seem to have slowly but surely pushed the scores gradually up, at least for some of us, Paul Salmon continues to post high scores, but this round he has been pushed, and on one occasion beaten by […]

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SWEFTA – Garden Bench Rest – Round 4

Some have come, some have gone, some have come and gone but the hard core nutters remain. The last three weeks have seen a wide variety of weather conditions, from almost dead calm to unseasonably, gazebo liftingly, branch breakingly windy, and yet still our Number 1 shot continues to turn out high score after high […]

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SWEFTA – Garden Bench Rest – Round 3

Another three cards, another set of totals. And since the last Round we have gained a couple of additional shooters including honorary SWEFTA member Peter Montanez, who joins us from his garden just five miles past the bit on the map of Devon that says ‘Here be Dragons’. Peter you are a most welcome addition […]

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SWEFTA – Garden Bench Rest – Round 2

Another three cards and so another tally. In the last few weeks we have suffered boiling heat, enjoyed gale force winds and rain and shifted the GBR shoot from a Saturday to Sunday, none of which has managed to put The Maestro that is Paul Salmon off his game, and he takes another round. However, […]

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SWEFTA Garden Bench Rest – Round 1

From a conversation about the Covid 19 lockdown came an idea, that idea was offered via facebook to the shooters in SWEFTA and the garden bench rest competition began. Currently we have eight competitors, hopefully more will join in, it is a just for fun competition shot in back gardens, in fields, on private land […]

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