SWEFTA EGM – West Devon 9th July

This is the official notice to let you know that I am calling an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The EGM will be held before shoot starts at West Devon on July 9th and is to either agree or reject a revised set of HFT rules that if passed will apply with immediate effect.

The need for these amendments has arisen after rule changes at the last AGM and are really to help clarify and put in writing points that were unclear previously.

I have attached a copy of the proposed HFT rules, please make sure you read them and also please distribute them to members within the region who do not have e-mail.

John Farbrother, could you get a copy to Tony Crabb please and Graham Noyce can you please get a copy to Alf.

SWEFTA EGM Agenda 2017

Proposed amended 2017 hft

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