Round 9 – West Devon

This was my first visit to West Devon and what a great venue it is, Nigel and his team have obviously studies the rule book every carefully and used the ground they have to excellent effect.

My shoot was not quite what I had hoped for, what started out as a Masterclass turned into a disaster as my Walther decided to self adjust the velocity down to 335fps. Meanwhile the Masterclass was given by Tony Fouracres who’s 35 x 40 was a pleasure to watch.

Thank’s to all at West Devon, especially the ladies handling catering, fine cake ladies, fine cake, mmmmmmmmmm.


Paul Jackson wrote:

From Sunday emerged a great new venue for SWEFTA!  Nigel and the West Devon gang presented interesting courses in quite tranquil surroundings

Tony Fouracres still reigns supreme amongst the FT Open class shooters with a very respectable score of 35. Julian Head ousted Rudi from the top gun spot in FT Piston with 29. Rob Meatyard killed 33 of those metal critters taking top shot. The average score for AA grade FT was 28 and FT overall average was 25

Rob M’ also played a blinder in HFT with a fantastic score of 78, very closely followed by two of his team mates; Damian Hewings and Paul Salmon with 77 & 75 respectively.  Also in B Grade HFT, HEATH, Louise-Clair scored really well with 76.  The average score for HFT (both grades) was 66

Damian H’ was number 1 in HFT Recoiling with 69.  the average score for this class was 63

A great big THANK YOU to West Devon for a great day and special thanks to the ladies who done a sterling job of keeping everyone well fed and watered all day!  Also, on a personal note, to the guys who were thrown in the deep end with ‘the paperwork’, you did a great job gentlemen. (Sorry guys, I didn’t get your email addresses)

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