Garden Bench Rest Winter League – Round 2

After postponing the start of the league due to horrendous weather forecasts across the region, the second shoot of the round saw horrendous weather across the region….. well, I suppose it is a winter league. Then, just to make life even more interesting we had lockdown 2 arrive at the beginning of November, so although the participants this round have been few, they have been enthusiastic, Herbie getting so excited in the last round that he had to sit on the bench rather than shoot off it…. not exactly in the rules Herbie, but whatever makes you feel good… man!

We also have a new shooter to the league, Malcolm Elliott joined us from Dartmoor club, complete with his S510. He has clearly been taught by the SWEFTA BR ‘Master’ Paul Salmon, as his results have been competitive, to say the least.

Once lockdown comes to a close and the West Devon boyz are allowed back to the club, numbers of both competitors and scores will be up, which will make everything a bit more lively… plus of course the winter weather…. but then as I said, it is a winter league.


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