SWEFTA Winter League – Round 3 – Ashcombe AGC

Was a very blustery day out at Ashcombe AGC, however…

The shoot was executed beautifully, some fantastic testing shots some that really did test people. The first targets on the course was cracking 54-yard starling with very little plate, it’s actually a harder shot to hit the plate that the kill so I will take that, and a 45-yard diamond, I double dinked the pair on the first lane and knew that today the course and wind was going to give me a whopping.

The long ones were challenging me and I made some very silly mistakes on some close targets, I think today I was in for a lesson and what I did learn was each target needs to be assessed as an individual, what you did for the last target definitely didn’t work today! It seemed a very similar situation for everyone else out on the course. Anyway, as far as course building and design I would say it was tip-top, only 3 reduced targets perfect for the conditions.

The HFT course was a very misleading course, the rolling bank towards the end of the HFT allows for the wind to accelerate and do some very strange things to your pellets. Target 11 for the first target, 30 yard 30mm kill I completely missed, baffled at that shot as I was sure it could not have been missed for the wind only to realise my fatal error. I had gone a complete turn around the turret, the last target on the FT course was 11 yards which is just over a full turn on my turret I had reset the turret to zero, but not my 30 yard zero. doh!

I decided that I would redeem myself so I shot the rest of the course and came off the course with 45/60 I was pleased.

This was also the SWEFTA Christmas shoot also and everyone was in the Christmassy spirit and the atmosphere was mega. Roz and Anne did a fantastic job of the food as usual and after some gruelling few hours shooting targets the fry up slipped down a treat. After a fry up and some baby cuddles, I soon forgot the morning’s disasters and began to realise what it is I love about the sport. The wheeling and dealing of members and their kit this always makes me chuckle, the banter and most of all the company. I shot with Dan Hudson and his Son Harvey Hudson.

This leads me to my last report of the day. Harvey, an excellent young man, he ploughed over some real testing shots, and I think what made his day was Dan had missed target 27 altogether and Harvey nailed it. I think he will be someone to watch for in the future.


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