SWEFTA Summer League @ Ashcombe 25.07.2021

2021 Season Scores Rolling Ashcombe FT OPEN

2021 Season Scores Rolling Ashcombe FT

2021 Season Scores Rolling Ashcombe HFT


SWEFTA Team Scores 2021 ashcombe

FT HFT Combined scores 2021 pdf

Some interesting post-shoot stats.
The most hit target on FT was Target 19 with only 2 misses from Piston shooters.
The most hit pair of targets was 19 and 20 with only 5 shooters not hitting the pair. 3 piston shooters, 1 open shooter and 1 ft graded shooter.
The least hit positional target was unlucky 13 with 21 misses and only 5 graded shooters hitting the target. All the piston shooters missed and all the open shooters hit it.
The least hit target was number 12 with 17 misses and 18 hits!
The most hit target was target 2 with only 2 misses.
And the least hit target was target 1 with only 5 hits
Thanks to every who turned up!! And I’m glad you all enjoyed it!
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