SWEFTA Round 7 – Buckley Wood

Dear oh dear, Buckley Wood retained its reputation for confusing wind direction, at least it did with me. Not so Bill Hartnoll who was shooting one lane behind me.

The courses were excellent and well done to all those who put the work in. I especially liked the Orange HFT targets.

Also many thanks to the laydeez in the kitchen for the wonderful food and even more wonderful cake, ohhh man the cake!

So, a blinder of a day for some, a dropped score for others, but a resounding success for all.

2016 – Rd 7 – Shoot Scores

2016 – Rd 7 – Season Scores FT

2016 – Rd 7 – Season Scores OPEN

2016 – Rd 7 – Season Scores HFT

2016 – Rd 7 – Team Scores v2

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