SWEFTA Round 2 – Avon Hawks

Well, what a day, dry, cold and breezy and with the most amazing turn out.

Big thanks to all at Avon Hawks for the course, the organisation and the food.

Paul Jackson wrote:

Thanks to Avon Hawks for putting on great day for all with a fantastic turnout with 86 cards submitted (including 4 visitors) and it was nice to see a few new faces.

Top FT shooters were Simon Evans and Richard Beaugie with a respectable  37 and Bill Hartnell on their heels with 36!  Tony Fouracres was top dog in the OPEN class, knocking 37 of them metal critters down.  Graham Tucker managed to take out 26 in Piston class.

HFT seemed to challenge most of us with a top score of 66 – well done Paul Salmon, which was almost matched by Rudi Gerlach with is springer scoring a respectable 64.

2016 – Rd 02 – Shoot Scores

2016 – Rd 02 – Team Scores

2016 – Rd 02 – Season Scores FT

2016 – Rd 02 – Season Scores HFT

2016 – Rd 02 – Season Scores OPEN

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