SWEFTA League – Who’s in the running

As the SWEFTA season draws to a close, Tony Fouracres has analysed the scores.


With very little I can do at present, I thought I would take a look at the SWEFTA League Tables with 1 shoot to go, just for interest.

So here are my UNOFFICIAL thoughts on the title winners ….

Who is going to be the SWEFTA Champion in 2016 ?

From analysing the results with just one shoot to go, there are 3 contenders…
Steve Franklin, Mark Shepherd and Richard Beaugie who have all shot consistently and very well throughout this year. Steve is currently leading the table but things could all change with the dropping of any lower scores!
Now assuming all three are able to attend the last league shoot at Shebbear, ……..
If Mark who is currently 2nd, scored 100%, then Steve would need to score of 81.82% or higher to beat Mark.
Richard, needs just one more qualifying score, and it will then become very interesting indeed between the top three. He can take the title outright (even if Steve or Mark scored 100%) should he put in a score of 97.03% or higher.
However, any lesser score, Richard can still win providing he beats Steve or at least can stay within 2.97% of Steve’s score, which equates to about 1 target on the day. How close is that!
(Seem to remember it was exactly the same last year, just 1 target separated Steve and Simon Evans)
So even if Richard gets a 78.85% score and Steve gets an 81.82% and Mark gets 100%, then Richard still wins by 0.01%.

Very tight at the top with Rob Taylor, Jamie Deal, Martin Hammond, Neil MacKinnon and Niger Palmer all with a chance to win the grade!

John Martin cannot be caught for 1st place, and looks like Gary Widlake 2nd and Tony Crabb 3rd.

Scott Wood cannot be caught for 1st place, with Simon Gliddon 2nd and looks like Spencer Wood 3rd.

Tony Fouracres cannot be caught for 1st, with Jeremy Stamp and Garry Shuttleworth to fight it out for 2nd and 3rd.

John Farbrother and Rudi Gerlach way in the lead and to fight it out for 1st and 2nd.

HUNTER A (Recoilless)
Paul Salmon cannot be caught for 1st, with Mark Donnelly, Bill Hartnell and Rob Meatyard all to play for.

Hunter B (Recoilless)
All very close between Nigel Palmer, Trevor Bray and Tim Clark, either can win.

Gary Shuttleworth cannot be caught for 1st place, with Louise Clair Heath and Stuart Heath to be separated for 2nd and 3rd.

Very close at the top between Rudi Gerlach, John Martin and John Farbrother, all to play for.

I hope my sums are all correct and BEST OF LUCK TO ALL THOSE STILL IN THE FIGHT!

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