SWEFTA League round 9 – South Dorset

Well you can always trust the folks at South Dorset to provide something different… no, not the brand new courses built at their brand new ground… the weather! After a summer of Sahara like conditions across the UK, South Dorset provided a monsoon, it is a great shame that more SWEFTA shooters did not choose to brave it, as you missed a cracking good shoot.

Well done to all at South Dorset for the massive amount of work you have put in, to Tel Boy and his assistants for the stats and to the sustenance team for hot food and drinks all day, and for those that did not try Lesley’s Tea Loaf… you missed a real treat.

2018 – Rd 09 – Shoot Scores v2

2018 – Rd 09 – Season Scores v2 FT

2018 – Rd 09 – Season Scores v2 OPEN

2018 – Rd 09 – Season Scores v2 HFT

2018 – Rd 09 – Team Scores v2

2018 – Rd 09 – FT HFT Trophy v2

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