Round 9 SWEFTA League – Dartmoor

I wasn’t able to make this shoot, but I believe the weather was much better than forecast, although blustery and the cake was of a volume and quantity to make even myself or The Awesime giddy with anticipation.

Thanks to everyone at Dartmoor for the work leading up to and on  the day and for hosting the postponed Avon Hawks shoot, and well done to John Farbrother, I predict an upturn in the number of springer shooters in 2018.

2017 – Rd 09 – Shoot Scores

2017 – Rd 09 – Season Scores FT

2017 – Rd 09 – Season Scores OPEN

2017 – Rd 09 – Season Scores HFT

2017 – Rd 09 – Team Scores v2

2017 – Rd 09 – FT HFT Trophy

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