SWEFTA League Round 8 – East Devon

Scheduled only one week after the SWEFTA Grand Prix at the same venue, I knew we were in for some excellent course building when we visited East Devon at the weekend, and I was right. Also, thank goodness, the weather was just a touch cooler, so the oven that is the middle of the course was was down a few degrees.

Both courses were really excellent, challenging without being too depressing, although the very bottom of the FT course was the field of doom for me, and a few others too looking at the misses on some of the targets.

Many thanks to all the course builders and designers at East Devon and also to Ann Farbrother who ably took care of the stats all day.


2018 – Rd 08 – Shoot Scores

2018 – Rd 08 – Season Scores FT

2018 – Rd 08 – Season Scores OPEN

2018 – Rd 08 – Season Scores HFT

2018 – Rd 08 – Team Scores

2018 – Rd 08 – FT HFT Trophy

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