SWEFTA League Round 7 – East Devon

What a corker! It all came together very nicely for the East Devon shoot. The weather was kind to those of us stupid enough to wear gimp coats, the courses were both absolutely excellent, the catering was outstanding Roz and Ann keeping us fed and watered all day and then there was…. CAKE. Unfortunately bouncing Bill Hartnoll ate it all, so I didn’t get any myself, but I gather it was very good.

Massive thanks to John Martin, Garry Marshall and all the crew at East Devon for the work put into the two courses, they were tricky and thought provoking without being scary, nice!

NOTE: These are the first results out, Graham will be producing more over the next few days.

East Devon – Rd 07 – Shoot Scores

FT 2019 – Season Scores

OPEN 2019 – Season Scores

HFT 2019 – Season Scores

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