SWEFTA League Round 5 – North Petherwin

What a spanking good day we had at North Petherwin. The weather forecast for the most part was a downright lie as with the exception of a brief shower just after I had got my nice clean, dry FT rifle from its cosseted place in my car, it was dry all day. Windy mind…. oh yes it was windy alright, but what do you expect, this is North Petherwin after all. A team from Duchy had with the assistance of some NP members done a superb job preparing the course, thank you guys, and the ladies did us proud with food, cake, drink, cake and cake, although Bill Hartnoll ate most of the cake so only a few of us were able to try it while Bill was shooting.

2019 – Rd 05 – Shoot Scores v2

2019 – Rd 05 – Season Scores FT

2019 – Rd 05 – Season Scores OPEN

2019 – Rd 05 – Season Scores HFT

2019 – RD 05 – Team Scores

2019 – Rd 05 – FT HFT Trophy

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