SWEFTA League Round 4 – Mendip

What an excellent day, the weather was just right, the courses were as prepared as it is humanly possibly to make them, there was even a spanky new HFT course to play on.

Thanks to Ann and Roz for taking care of the stats, that left the small Mendip team free to shoot and marshal, in my case at the same time. Thanks also to all of you who travelled a fair old way to get to Mendip.  I think a good day was had by all.

2019 – Rd 04 – Shoot Scores v4

2019 – Rd 04 – Season Scores FT v3

2019 – Rd 04 – Season Scores OPEN

2019 – Rd 04 – Season Scores HFT v4

2019 – Rd 04 – Team Scores v2

2019 – Rd 04 – FT HFT Trophy v2

One Response to SWEFTA League Round 4 – Mendip

  1. Tony Smith May 21, 2019 at 4:34 pm #

    Yes, thanks to everyone involved in putting on a fantastic shoot.

    I thoughoughly enjoyed it, shooting both disciplines on this occasion (HFT for the first time in competition).

    Already looking forward to the next event, more practise required. Learning all the time.


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