SWEFTA League Round 4 – Buckley Wood

I guess we should always be grateful for small mercies, Sunday’s mercy being that the 20 MPH wind that was forecast never arrived, although the wind that we did have along with the rain was trouble enough. Still, there was a cracking good turn out, added to by some visitors from Wales for the first leg of the rejuvenated SWEFTA vs WAFTA competition, the return match will be in September at Oaktree.

A big thank you to the dedicated crew at Buckley Wood, the revised course was…. brutal, and very enjoyable, and another huge thank you to the ladies in the kitchen and on stats, they kept us superbly fed and watered all day, and Roz’s cakes were in such demand she had to keep me a piece of lemon drizzle cake back, as Andy Williams attempted to eat the entire thing!

2018 – Rd 04 – Shoot Scores v2

2018 – Rd 04 – Season Scores FT v2

2018 – Rd 04 – Season Scores OPEN v2

2018 – Rd 04 – Season Scores HFT v2

2018 – Rd 04 – Team Scores v2

SWEFTA WAFTA Top 8 Scorers – Rd 01

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