SWEFTA Garden Bench Rest – Round 6

Well, the weather has had a dramatic change of heart over the last few weeks, at least it has here in North Somerset and the wind during Round 6 of the GBR has been kinder. Of course the sun always shines and there is never a breath of wind where our BR guru Paul Salmon lives…. at least his scores would seem to indicate this. Truth be known he has been enticed out of his nice wind and weather proof shelter and onto a brand new 25m range…. not that you’d know looking at his impressive scores.

That said,  Paul has not had it all his own way this Round, Herbie has chased him hard, only missing out on a win by logging the first miss last week. Soon Herbie… soon.

Numbers have been a bit up and down lately, but it is summer and people do have families and holiday so with a bit of luck we will have a few more with us again in September.

Stay safe everyone.

SWEFTA Garden BR RESULTS – August : Sept 2020

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