SWEFTA – Garden Bench Rest – Round 4

Some have come, some have gone, some have come and gone but the hard core nutters remain.

The last three weeks have seen a wide variety of weather conditions, from almost dead calm to unseasonably, gazebo liftingly, branch breakingly windy, and yet still our Number 1 shot continues to turn out high score after high score.

Some say he is half man half bench, others that he has permanently concreted himself in place and there are those who even say he shoots in a different time / space / wind continuum. All of that may be true, but we just call him… Paul Salmon.

Mind, he best keep and eye on the competition, cos Paul the Silver Fox is catching up fast and whisperin Rob Meatyard is not far behind him. Me? Oh, well you see there was thing erm, you know, what with the dog next door and her at No.27, it’s all got, you know, a bit… pear shaped.

SWEFTA Garden BR RESULTS – July 2020

If you spot any mistake or errors, do us a favour and keep them to yourself, eh?

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