SWEFTA – Garden Bench Rest – Round 3

Another three cards, another set of totals. And since the last Round we have gained a couple of additional shooters including honorary SWEFTA member Peter Montanez, who joins us from his garden just five miles past the bit on the map of Devon that says ‘Here be Dragons’. Peter you are a most welcome addition to our slowly growing throng.

As always the weather has had its part to play in these results, we have had seemingly still air right through to 30 MPH gusts… sometimes on the same day, but the faithful have, for the most part, been found at some point during the day hunched over a bench, clock ticking, hand selected pellets in their individual wrappings, and Co Axial rest polished to within an inch of its life….. or more likely, a phone with a timer on it, pellets straight from the tin and a lab lift or simple front rest, fancy kit is nice, but not needed in our playpen.

If you fancy having a go, just drop me an e-mail or message me on Facebook, the more the merrier.

SWEFTA Garden BR RESULTS – June : July 2020

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