SWEFTA – Garden Bench Rest – Round 2

Another three cards and so another tally. In the last few weeks we have suffered boiling heat, enjoyed gale force winds and rain and shifted the GBR shoot from a Saturday to Sunday, none of which has managed to put The Maestro that is Paul Salmon off his game, and he takes another round.

However, it is noticeable that all the scores are creeping up and the dark horse that is Scott Bunker has leapfrogged over the entire field to put himself into second place… he is a man that needs watching and I may have to resort to knobbling his scores, certainly his BSA Gold Star SE with 25 mag scope combo are doing the trick.

Well done to everyone else too as scores throughout are climbing, and below Paul S, there are only a couple of fag papers separating the whole field.

SWEFTA Garden BR RESULTS – May : June 2020

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