SWEFTA Garden Bench Rest – Round 1

From a conversation about the Covid 19 lockdown came an idea, that idea was offered via facebook to the shooters in SWEFTA and the garden bench rest competition began. Currently we have eight competitors, hopefully more will join in, it is a just for fun competition shot in back gardens, in fields, on private land or anywhere where you can legally set up a target stand and bench (workmate) 25m apart.

If you want more details or to get involved then please contact Neil MacKinnon.

We only shoot one card a week, but as a BR competition consists of three cards I have packaged the total score using that format. Alan and Scott have only just joined us, so they will be included in the next set of totals. Wind and weather have a huge influence over scores but we think that over time the differences County to County will even themselves out, if they don’t, well it is just for fun…. allegedly.

SWEFTA Garden BR RESULTS – May 2020

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