SWEFTA Christmas Shoot – Buckley Wood

What a great days shooting at the SWEFTA Christmas shoot hosted by Buckely Wood. The weather was kind, the breeze or lack of it wasn’t, the courses were fun, the food was fantastic and the prizes absolutely amazing. A huge thank you to all the team at BW, you really did us proud.

The results are as follows:


1st Steven Franklin 35

2nd Mark Shepherd 34

3rd James Head 33

4th Awesime Evans 30

5th John Martin

6th Andy Williams


1st Paul Salmon 31

2nd Neil MacKinnon 29

3rd Nigel Palmer28

3rd Martin Hammond 28

4th Tony Crabb 16


1st Trevor bray 28

2nd Adrian Cross 27

2nd Alan Wall 27

3rd Simon Poulter 15 


1st John Doleman 25

2nd Lee Unsworth 24

3rd Dave Morris 20

3rd Paul Silver Gould 20

3rd Lewis Haley 20

4th Andrew Cooke 16

5th Robert Bryant 13

6th John Fricker 12


1st Alan Burnham 29

2nd Rudi Gerlach 27

3rd John Farbrother 25

4th James Gooch 24

5th Jeremy Stamp 12


1st Roger Beer 33

2nd Graham Noyce 32

3rd Peter Kilpin

4th Mark Branning



1st Nigel Palmer 68

2nd Tony Crabb 67

3rd Paul Salmon 62


1st Kevin Foote 64

2nd Dave Morris 62

3rd Lewis Hayley 61

4th Lee Unsworth 59

5th Andrew Cooke 58

6th Robert Hubbard 57

7th Steve Dayman 55

8th Rob Bryant 54

8th Andrew Moran-Potter 54

8th Trevor Bray 54

9th Ian Berry 42


1st Andrew Moran-Potter 62

2nd James Head 60

2nd Rudi Gerlach 60

3rd James Blake 55

4th Charlie Windsor 52

4th John farbrother 52

5th Adrian Cross 51


1st Kevin jackman 72

2nd James Blake 53

3rd Charlie Windsor 51

3rd John Fricker 51


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