From Jeremy Stamp – Secretary

The SWEFTA AGM will this year be held at the trophy shoot at Buckley Wood on November 15th. Exact time to be added.

To all SWEFTA Members; if you have any items that need to be discussed, other than things that can be sorted by your elected committee please ensure these items get to me by 7th November.

All items have to go through your club secretary, so they can email me with the item for discussion. No other items will be added to agenda if this procedure is not followed. Again with proposer and seconded.

I will try to get an email of the AGM agenda done by the middle of the week leading up to the 15th November, if not, copies will available on the day.

Various post are open for anyone who wants to stand on the committee please let me have, position the persons name plus proposer and seconder.

I’m sure all persons in these positions will, if voted OFF, welcome new blood into SWEFTA.

I have not heard of any committee member wanting to stand down.

Positions on committee are:

CHAIRMAN   Terry Judd

SECRETARY   Jeremy Stamp


TREASURER    Damien Hewings


VICE CHAIR   Paul Salmon.

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