Round 2 – Avon Hawkes

Letter from Paul Jackson, Scores and Grading Secretary – Round 2 Avon Hawkes:

Hi all

I’m sure that everyone who attended yesterday’s shoot at Avon Hawks would join me in congratulating them for hosting a superb event. Both the FT and HFT courses were well laid out and presented a challenging experience in great surroundings. I doubt they could have done much about that wind though?

It was a great turn out with 59 SWEFTA entries for FT (38) and HFT (20) as well as approximately 20 visitors taking advantage of the venue.

Please find attached the: ‘2014 – Team Scores Overview.pdf’ and ‘2014 – Rd 2 Shoot Scores.xls’ files for your perusal

There was only 1 tied event that could not be resolved by eliminators – HFT Recoiless for 3rd place. Gary Shuttlewood and Bill Hartnoll who both scored 93.75% of the topscore. Because Gary was present at when the scores were collated, he gained the advantage. Other than that, there were no issues.

I didn’t managed to get a hold of any Avon Hawks contact details. Can anyone help?

Before I sign off, I would like to publicly thank Rich Clark for the momentous support he has provided me with during my attempt to fill his shoes. He has been available for my almost constant barrage of questions and pleas for guidance. Also I’d like to give a shoutout for Tony Fouracers for helping me with sorting the scores out yesterday.

Download here:



2014 Avon Hawkes TEAM scores





2014 Avon Hawkes scores

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