Round 1 – Shebbear

Letter from Rich Clark – Round 1 Shebbear:

Evening all.

Paul Jackson being on holiday, I offered to collate the scores from today on his behalf and circulate them in his absence, and to satisfy your hunger for results…

Paul will do the league table and team table stuff when he gets back, and between them he and Damian will work out who gets a lapel badge next time out.

I have just made a table of the scores as they came into the stats office this afternoon.

I’ve ouptut a PDF file as anyone can open that. I’ll be letting Paul have the Excel file in due course and anybody who wants a copy should ask him.

Well, what a day! When we put the shoot off for two weeks it was because of road closures and awful weather. The road has been fixed, and if today is anything is to go by, the weather has been sorted too. We could hardly have asked for better conditions for the first shoot of the 2014 season.

Great to see such an enthusiastic turnout, and I have to say to everyone, the good feeling today and the happy karma was almost tangible. A nice shop window to show the visitors from Woodland Valley, who may well be looking to affiliate later this year.

Next stop Avon Hawks.


Rich Clark

Download here:



2014 Shebbear scores

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