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As we are just a week away from the start of the SWEFTA season, I think now is the time to release details of the new, new, new…. new random partnering system, it is very simple and will make very little difference to the booking in system and the time it takes to book in, HOWEVER, it is as new to stats as it is to you, so a little patience and understanding would be appreciated. Shebbear are the first club to use the system, so they have done a few practice runs, never the less shouting at stats won’t get you booked in any quicker.
When you book in, a number will be put next to your name on the scoring sheet and you will be given a token with that same number on it, you can then partner with any other shooter who also has a token with the same number on it, provided they are not from your club and you have not shot with them more than twice before this season.
PLEASE RETURN THE TOKENS. Either when you hand your card in or when you have found a partner.
For those shooting FT and HFT, if you can find a partner with the same token number who is shooting both disciplines, then you can partner for the day and shoot FT and HFT in either order (except on courses where you must shoot HFT first). If you are partnered with someone who only wishes to shoot one discipline, then when you hand your first score card in, stats will help sort you out a second partner, either with the same number or by issuing you with a second number.
Those arriving later in the morning will go through the same process, but it may be an abbreviated version.
It would be useful to me and to stats if you would put the token number on your score cards when you fill them out.
Please remember that all the other rules still apply regarding who you can and cannot shoot with and that the chief marshall is still able to exercise their discretion.
We will be monitoring the system and as the season progresses there will be a list available to help ensure you don’t shoot with the same partner more than twice.
Please remember, this is A solution to generate random partners, we will watch it and see how it works, if it does not work we will seek another method and apply that, you have voted for random partners and the committee have to make it happen.
Any questions back to me please.
Best regards,
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