The 2nd league shoot of 2014 was a visit to Avon Hawks up the A38. Many of the less older SWEFTA members will not have been to the new Avon Hawks ground but in the 80’s perhaps went to their old ground.

The course laid out for our visit was a very good mixture of target that visually looked longer than 55yds. However the course was well defined and shooting out of order was virtually impossible.

The wind on the day now that was a challenge as most times it was a left to right but nearing the end both directions were found.

I hope all enjoyed the friendly welcome by Avon Hawks and its members and had a good day.

Scores other than little Jack current European champion  34/40 were quite low although Simon Evans 31/40 seemed to buck the trend.

Next sunday we visit Dartmoor Marksmen with a revamped practice area shedwise I understand. This is one of my favouite venues but the wind here again can be very tricky indeed.

So lube your pellets and adjust your scopes and get ready for Sunday.

Let me stress to all club secretaries that the attendance of its shooters to ALL events are esential to keep the interest of participating clubs.

SWEFTA Secretary

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