Important Information for the 2018 League

At the recent SWEFTA AGM a proposal was carried that means for the 2018 season, shooting partners will be selected at random.
It was hoped at the time of the AGM that the selection of partners could be done using a computer programme and I would like to thank Bill Hartnoll for the huge amount of work that he and his friend have put into the programme, unfortunately without accurate data no programme can work and many clubs have not been forthcoming with the required data. This means the committee have to instigate an alternative method which will be used starting at the Avon Hawks shoot.
The system will be applied as you sign in and will need some input and monitoring from you, especially as the season goes on.
If the system partners you with someone you cannot shoot with, please tell the admin immediately and they can either find another partner or put you into the previous pairing making a three shooter group.
As a reminder of the rules; you cannot shoot with someone from your own club, and you cannot shoot with the same partner more than twice in the same season. The penalty for breaking either of these rules is a score of zero, which can be applied in retrospect until the end of the season.
This is very much an experimental year for both the system and random partnering so please cut the admin at each shoot a little slack, the idea is as new to them as it is to you and to the committee who have to devise a system that works.
The partnering system is not set in stone although it has been well thought through, however if you feel you can improve it or offer and easier alternative, then please come and see me or any other member of the committee, we will be pleased to hear your ideas.
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