Garden Bench Rest – Winter League – Round 5

Oh dear, Lockdown Mk3 has caused us some issues with the GBR as the clubs once again shut down and people have wisely decided to stay home, we can only look forward to restrictions easing slightly, the vaccine doing its thang and shooters returning.

On the plus side, we have a new name on the list of victims as Duncan has joined us from Purbeck…. more power to your trigger finger Duncan.

Weather wise, Round 5 was spookily quiet. I had some issues in the final shoot, as did Herbie, the snow didn’t help either, but that’s outdoor shooting in general so…….. Paul Salmon was once again the picture of consistency, but Herbie and Nigel are slowly creeping closer and closer and it is just a matter of time. Nigel’s change of rifle back to his Air Arms RN10 doesn’t seem to have hurt his scores, nor does his move from the West Devon club to his own back garden….closer to the kitchen and a nice cuppa, every little helps in BR.

We are always looking for shooters to join the GBR…. it is just a bit of fun to keep trigger fingers sharp and their owners sane during these difficult times, all you need is a workmate… or an ironing board apparently, a bean bag to rest the rifle in, seat and 25 yards in the straight line.


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