Garden Bench Rest Winter League – Round 3

Lockdown 2, new faces, returnees, high speed winds… all in a three round winter league, ohhhh the drama.

I missed a round for the very first time since we started this whole GBR malarky, I’m a horse owner and rider and sometimes the horses have to come first, so, I generously allowed Paul Salmon the round win, I also allowed Herbie, Nigel and Malcolm to beat me…. I’m big hearted like that.

Nice to see the West Devon crowd back, if only for one shoot, but they are hooked and Paul Read is already looking like he will shortly be challenging both Herbie and Paul Salmon, that will just push everyone on a little.

With this being the last complete round in 2020, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hogmanay, and let’s hope that we can eventually wave good riddance to the Covid restrictions during 2021.


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