Garden Bench Rest – Summer League results

Just for a bit of fun I have totalled all the scores from every round of the summer GBR.

Only those who have put in scores for every round are included in the percentages, it’s not very fair to include those of us who have missed a few shoots.

Doing all the totals it is clear to see that we are all improving, not always in the overall scores, but maybe in the number of X’s as opposed to 10’s, but mostly the weekly scores have gone up.

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer GBR, after all we are doing this for the pleasure of it and to help keep us sane… well sane ish during this dreadful pandemic. So, if you keep shootin, I’ll keep adding up the scores and sooner or later we will all get to meet up for a shoulder to shoulder shoot.

SWEFTA Garden BR RESULTS – Overall Summer 2020

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