Dartmoor vs West Devon Bench Rest – Round 2

Held at Dartmoor Marksmen’s ground, round two started off uncharacteristically dry and almost wind free. However, by the start of proceedings at around 9.00am, the misty rain had arrived and stayed with us all day. However, the wind remained light to very light and as a result all the scores looked a lot healthier that the first round at West Devon.

A slightly larger team assembled for this round, with seven shooters from each club turning up to try out Dartmoor’s well established BR facilities, we were all hopeful of higher scores with very little wind in evidence, but any air movement is troublesome to a BR shooter, plus for those of us from West Devon this was a new ground and we were going to have to learn its peculiarities as we went.

Much like round one, there were two benches ‘inside’ and one ‘outside’. In DM’s case this means two benches on the Ron Morse Range and a third bench under a large gazebo but with the card in a far more exposed position on the pistol range. This arrangement worked really well with each competitor shooting one card from each position.

Once again there were all sorts of rifles in evidence and all sorts of rest options, from club supplied front and back bags, through home made arrangements to high quality BR specific front rests and rear bags. Without a doubt having a rest set up that suits the shooter aids scores, but really the best shots will put in the best scores almost regardless.

On which, top shot today, on home turf was Paul Salmon with an impressive 739 31X. However the man who took a fiver home for top card of the day was Nigel Palmer with an amazing 250 8X. One of only a tiny number of 250’s to be shot at Dartmoor and possibly the first ever in competition.

Late in the shoot we were joined by Adrian Hasell President of Benchrest UK and Richard Collins who is the secretary. It was a pleasure to have two such experienced Bench Rest shooters to talk with, both have extensive National and International competition experience and we had a really good open discussion.

Next round will be at West Devon early in the New Year.

All scores listed below.

Paul Salmon – D 245 12X,  246 11X, 248  8X   Total 739 31X

Nigel Palmer -WD 242 6X,    243 5X,   250  8X   Total 735 19X

Gary Shuttlewood – D 243 11X,  241 7X,   246 14X   Total 730 32X

Paul Read – WD 236 5X,   244 10X,  244 5X   Total 724 20X

Alan Bunce – D 241 2X,   240 7X,   242 6X   Total 723 15X

Paul Gould – WD 242 6X,   238 5X,   239 7X   Total 719 18X

Andy Holcombe – D 240 5X,   236 5X,   242 6X   Total 718 16X

Neil MacKinnon – WD 235 6X,   237 5X,   240 7X  Total 712 18X

Callen Thompson – D 240 2X,   234 1X,   236 3X   Total 710 6X

Bill Hartnoll – WD 236 4X,   235 1X,   231 3X   Total 702 8X

Rob Meatyard – D 236 4X,   232 4X,   229 4X   Total 697 12X    

Graham Noyce – WD 227 2X,   230 2X,   234 4X   Total 691 8X

Simon Horseman – D 228 2X,   215 0X,   226 0X  Total 669 2X

Colin Yeo – WD 218 4X,   215 0X,   226 0X   Total 657 5X     

After two rounds, taking the top six scores from each club the team totals are:

Dartmoor 8,236 167X

West Devon 8,217 125X


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