Dartmoor Marksmen

Sundays shoot at Dartmoor Marksmen, well I thought turn out was about the norm, but S must stress to club secretary’s that attendances to these shoot keep the club running.
Weather was on the whole good with the odd shower here and there. Scoring by the usual suspects Steve Franklin and Ken Manley 35/40 had the rest of us chasing their heels but on the general scoring i thought it was very good.
I know that some were getting pellets dropping a bit and this reminded me what Nick Jenkinson said that low pressure will keep the pellets down and like wise high pressure will allow the pellets to go up slightly.
Next time you are able to see your neighbours chimney with low pressure weather, watch the smoke come down. Food for thought.
Everything, targets the food and drink along with their new practice building was fantastic.
A club thats going places and showing some of us what can be done with a willing membership. Well done and thanks to all at Dartmoor for a good shoot and facilities.
Jeremy SWEFTA Secretary.
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