Buckley Wood – SWEFTA Trophy Shoot

Well, what a fantastic shoot today. I know I did not get the chance to shoot, but I had a good look very early this morning and the level of preparation, especially on the HFT course was superb.

A challenging shoot for all I fancy with the infamous Buckley Wood wind doing its worst.

Well done to all the winners, both of the shoot and of the 2015 SWEFTA league, and here’s looking forward to 2016.

Also, I’d like to add special thanks to Roz, Anne and Megan, who kept the troops fed and watered all day, and a special personal thanks to Roz.. for the cake, without which I would wither and die.

Buckley Wood – Trophy Shoot

A few photos. By Neil M and Jeremy.

Steve Franklin.


The knob twiddlers.


The man that’s usually behind the camera




FT People, doing what they do.



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  1. lee November 16, 2015 at 11:27 am #

    just a small note about the Buckley Wood trophy shoot, as some members of SWEFTA may be aware, this shoot was the last event that Roz and Russ will be at helm, at the club, before they hand over the role to Anne and her son John. Could I just take this opportunity to thank Roz and Russ, on behalf of all members, both past and present, for all their hard work over the last fourteen years or so, to make Buckley such an enjoyable club to be a member of and for making it a venue that all enjoy attending.



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