Buckley Wood – Open 80

Somehow of another the folk at Buckley Wood managed to stop the incessant rain we have been suffering recently for an entire day. Not only that, but they got the wind to drop to almost nothing (note, almost) and even got the sun to shine.

28 shooters including a visitor or two from over the water… well, over the Sever Bridge anyway thought they would try their hand at the legend that is… the Buckley Wood Belly Buster Breakfast, then they did a bit of shooting.

All agreed it was an excellent days shooting and well worth the visit. Rumour has it that this will become an annual event.

Massive thanks to the John’s for the troublesome courses and to Ann and Megan for the wonderful food and triple layer lemon drizzle cake… TRIPLE LAYER, mmmmmmmmmmmm



Jack Harris 72

Rob Farnworth 64

Paul Salmon 60

Alan Burnham 58

Amanda Smith 54

Barry Smith 53

Nick Walton 2


Roger Beer 61

Steve Rosier 60

Nigel Palmer 51

Gary Shuttleworth 50

Brian Langford 50

Rob Taylor 49

Trevor Bray 27


John Martin 62

Tony Crabb 59

Terry Judd 29

FT Spring

Glenn Skinner 48

Rudi Gerlach 18

John Farbrother 10


Mark Donnolly 133

Jake Donnolly 115

Sean Rolston 115


Rob Crowther 126

John Fricker 109

Simon Gliddon 108

Helen Walton 87

HFT Spring

Neil MacKinnon 109

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