Dartmoor vs West Devon Bench Rest – Round 1


A varied collection of twelve shooters and their rifles gathered at West Devon’s ground early on Sunday 21st, ready to take on the challenge of the first Dartmoor v West Devon inter club bench rest competition.

The plan is to make this a regular over winter competition, once a month alternating between the clubs grounds, Round 1 being hosted a WD.

Conditions were extremely autumnal, crisp, clear and with a variable but highly troublesome Northerly wind.

Three benches had been prepared, the idea being that each competitor would shoot one card from each of the benches. Scoring was expertly handled by Paul Salmon and Rob Meatyard. But unfortunately Nigel Palmer could only be with us in spirit as with a heavy cold at present he thought it best to stay home. In the finest spirit of GBR however his confinement did not prevent him from submitting his scores.

A wide range of rifles and scopes were used, from a factory standard springer to a fully custom built BR Pro-Target (mine) with a wide range of sporting, FT and BR hardware in between. Rests also ranged from bean bags through home made contraptions and simple adjustable rests through to much more technical equipment, but none of this seemed to give anyone an edge given the constantly changing direction and strength of the wind.

Lucian Popescu from Dartmoor came out the overall winner on the day and won his £5 entry fee back by posting the highest scoring card of the day too.

All scores listed below.

Lucian Popescu- D 223 3X,   238 6X,   228 4X Total 689 13X

Neil MacKinnon -WD 237 6X,   218 4X,   227 2X Total 682 12X

Paul Salmon – D 227 4X,   233 4X,   220 2X Total 680 10X

Gary Shuttlewood – D 231 9X,   213 2X,   223 1X Total 667 12X

Colin Yeo – WD 219 0X,   226 2X,   222 1X Total 667 3X

Paul Read – WD 215 2X,   226 2X,   224 3X Total 665 7X

Alan Bunce – D 227 3X,   192 3X,   227 6X Total 646 12X

Bill Hartnoll – WD 214 2X,   219 3X,   208 1X Total 641 6X

Paul Gould – WD 227 3X,   200 1X,   214 1X Total 641 5X

Nigel Palmer – WD 213 0X,   213 0X,   212 1X Total 638 1X

Graham Noyce – WD 214 3X,   215 1X,   208 2X Total 637 6X

Rob Meatyard – D 208 0X,   213 3X,   213 1X Total 634 4X   

Sorin Curpan – D 207 0X,   177 0X,   219 4X Total 603 4X – Springer.     

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